Blue Serenity - sensitive skin serum

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made with certified organic argan oil


GOAL: Treat & protect the most fragile, sensitive skin, eczema

USE: Day or Night

PRIMARY NOTES: Herbal, bright but soothing

SKINTYPE: Sensitive, and skin affected by eczema

WHY WE LOVE IT: natural but effective, goodbye prescription medicine!

BENEFITS: Extremely sensitive skin can be frustrating because it's hard to pinpoint what is causing the inflammation. Look no further! Blue Serenity Serum for sensitive skin has been carefully formulated with active ingredients chosen to eliminate inflammation, counteract allergens, nourish and regenerate damaged skin cells. This deeply penetrating beauty serum will not clog pores but instead will tighten pores and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Developed with three essential oils containing azulene, this organic compound is known for its extreme anti-inflammatory properties which are idea for eczema, stressed, damaged or acne-prone skin. Your skin will be enveloped in Blue Serenity and you'll notice an overall reduction of redness, sensitivities and drastic improvement in complexion This blend is suitable for both face and body! Helps with skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis.

30 ML

We also recommend treating highly sensitive skin internally with dietary changes - find out more