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About the green brands we love



This killer brand is the epitome of femininity and the crux of sustainability. Reformation is a green clothing brand utterly committed to creating fashion with absolute minimal eco impact. They are 100% transparent about each and every practice and facet of their business. From material sourcing, to water consumption, waste output, employee integration, office supplies and the snack they serve in the employee kitchen… each minuet part of this green fashion company is held to the highest sustainable standards possible. They even go as far as to have detailed formulas to compute their carbon footprint. It’s a truly refreshing and stunning addition to the fashion industry. There’s actually much more to their story than I can convey in a short article so I’ll leave the link here for you to read: Reformation – Who we are.

Amour Vert

I’ve read through their resume of green practices and it’s truly impressive! I know there’s a thought that green clothing has to be homely, all-earth tones, scratchy and stiff…. but that’s not the case! Not with Amour Vert, whom uses sustainable fabrics. Most of their line is made up of lovely feminine frocks, super soft tees and simple yet elegant jeans, jackets and bags. For a mother like me, who likes to look stylish but be comfortable, pieces like this are non-negotiable.
Amour Vert pledges to plant a tree in North America for every purchase. They’ve already planted 100,000 trees. It simply doesn’t get much better than that in the fashion industry and I personally wish every brand was so committed to the plant.


Madewell is known for their effortless, cool styles and casual jeans. But they’re not just cool, they are committed to having a low environmental impact:

Committed to reducing our energy, paper and water use; minimizing waste; and implementing environmentally responsible solutions for stores, distribution centers and offices.
Committed to collaborating with our suppliers to understand and improve their environmental performance and practices.
Associates and customers are passionate about environmental issues. We seek to raise internal and external awareness about our efforts and to provide information, tools and support to our associates to help us operate responsibly.



Prana is one of my favorite green yoga, active and lounge wear brands that is always just slightly up-priced for my wallet. But I’ve scoured the internet for their very best pieces on sale, that’s right, they’re all here! Before I hit you hard with the epic list of finds, let me tell you about Prana’s sustainability practices. In addition to the great green commitments, they partner with local and international charities throughout the year and during the holidays, donate a portion of proceeds to the Outdoor Outreach program – connecting undeserved youth with the outdoors.

They seek our materials from sustainable sources:
This means organic cotton, recycled wool, hemp, recycled polyester and repurposed down.

They treat their people fairly:
They are part of the fair labor association with a commitment to human rights.

The processes they use improve the industry:
Their processes and partnerships include fairtrade, fair labor association, bluesign(safe colors), responsible forest initiative, poly bag reduction, and traceability (from farm to garment).



I remember hating my sorel boots as a child. They were clunky and practical and I thought they were the least cool boots I could possibly wear. Now there’s no way I could possibly live without them. They’ve come a long way since the 80’s but amazing treads, waterproof, warmth and functionality have them at the top of most people’s winter boot wish list. Sorel partners with Girls inc. to help provide more that 140,000 girls across the U.S. and Canada with life-changing experiences and solutions to the unique challenges girls face – inspiring all girls to be smart, strong, and bold.