Green Goddess Mask with french green clay and super greens

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Green Goddess Clay Mask

with green superfoods

and now with Kale!



Goal: Detoxification, Repair, acne ellimination

Use: 1-3x per week

Skintype: Normal/Oily (not recommended for sensitive skin)

Why we love it: amazing for clogged pores and oily skin, ultra detoxification!

Benefits: Argan Republic's Green Goddess clay face mask is a powerfully purifying blend made up of French Green Clay and 4 of the most beneficial green superfoods on the planet, Spirulina, Chlorella, wheatgrass, and kale. Green clay has strong absorbing, anti-inflammatory and purifying properties, which is the perfect option for people with acne and oily skin. Green clay tightens pores, tones and softens skin while sucking every single impurity out of your face leaving you with clear, smooth skin! 

  • Benefits of Spirulina - The Certified Organic Spirulina we use is grown in a Hawaiian facility that uses ocean water drawn from 2000 feet into the Pacific Ocean. This Spirulina is supplemented with this deep seawater as a source of calcium, magnesium, and all 94 trace elements. No other Spirulina is grown with such special water with its rich source of naturally occurring nutrients. Spirulina is the most nutritious, concentrated whole food known to humankind. This ulltimate superfood is a type of Blue-green algae that contains vitamins A, C, E, K and vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, zinc, copper, manganese, phosphorous, iron, potassium, selenium and calcium in spirulina makes it a wonderful food for toning skin as all these nutrients are essential for glowing skin. Spirulina contains vitamin E or tocopherol, tyrosine, and selenium. All of these nutrients are known for their anti-ageing effects. Spirulina removes heavy metals and toxins from your skin. A high concentration of chlorophyll in it eliminates the free radicals and makes your skin smoother and softer. The anti-bacterial nature of spirulina quickly eliminates the dead cells, and enhanced metabolism encourages the production of new cells and protects your skin from acne breakouts.


  • Benefits of Wheatgrass -   We use naturally potent, Certified Organic Wheatgrass that is field-grown, harvested at it's nutritional peak and locally dehydrated. Only the tip of the leaf is cut, which is the most nutrient rich part of the plant.  Only the tip of the leaf is cut, which is the most nutrient rich part of the plant. Wheatgrass is contains vitamins, amino acid, liver enzymes, and chlorophyll. It has 98 of 102 earth elements found in the soil. Phosphorus, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium are among those important elements. Wheatgrass has more Vitamin A and C than oranges and carrots.  Apart from that, it is exceptionally rich with Vitamins E, K, and B. Wheatgrass powder prevents the damage from free radicals. It possesses natural anti-ageing properties which aid in rejuvenating the cells, thereby slowing down the aging process. It helps maintain skin elasticity, restoring the youthful glow and even skin tone.


  • Benefits of Chlorella - We source the cleanest outdoor-grown chlorella on the planet... Certified Organic Chlorella grown outdoors with mountain spring water and fueled under sunlight. It has been lab tested to be the cleanest in the world and to have the lowest levels of heavy metals over any other brand of chlorella. Chlorella is a powerful detoxifier and can slow down the aging process by reducing free radical damage in the body that cause us to age faster. High in vitamins A & C and chlorophyll, it removes impurities in the skin, making it more radiant and renewed. The nutrients in chlorella also work wonders healing eczema and similar skin conditions. 


  • Benefits of Kalerich in chlorophyll, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that will leave your skin glowing


 Ingredients: 100% Pure French Green Clay, 100% Pure Certified Organic Spirulina, Certified Organic Wheatgrass, Certified Organic Clean Chlorella SL, Organic Kale

100 ML

Directions: Scoop a small amount into a mixing dish. Add serum, water, honey or liquid of choice until desired consistency. Apply in a thick layer to face and let set for 8-15 minutes or until almost dry. Note, if you let it get too dry and crumbly, it will start pulling moisture out of your skin(won't dry if mixed with oil). Rinse with water and a wash cloth if necessary. 

**Consult your doctor before using while nursing or pregnant**




 Enjoy the Green Goddess Clay mask