Natural Perfume Oils with argan

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Natural Perfume Oils

made with certified organic argan oil


Our Natural Perfume Oils are a heavenly, skin-soothing fragrance made with pure essential oils, certified organic argan oil and organic botanicals. Conventional perfumes can contain synthetic chemicals, coal, coal tar, petrochemicals, alcohol and even animal substances. Ick! Be kind to your skin and your body, use what mother nature has given us and smell like the prettiest flower. The natural perfume oils are the perfect size to carry with you when traveling and you can even use them on your face when your skin needs a boost of moisture.


Choose from one of our 5 perfume oils:

Rosewood & Tonka

Rosewood essential oil has a sweet, woody, floral aroma. Rosewood can also stimulate skin cells and help regenerate tissue, rejuvenating the skin and making it particularly attractive for use with more mature and wrinkled complexions. Tonka Bean Absolute contains the highest amount of natural coumarin of any absolute or essential oil. Coumarin is responsible for its suave honeyed caramel, vanilla candy-like aroma that imparts sensuality and depth of character in perfume bouquets. The marriage of this blend produces a fragrance that is a sweet caramel vanilla mingled with fresh woody floral. Extremely unique, you'll find you keep sniffing your wrist.


Rose Gold

Pure Bulgarian Rose Otto oil is floral, green, woody, with a spicy back note. Around 60 roses go into making just one drop of rose otto. This valuable oil is among the best oils in nature. Great for mature , wrinkled, dry and sensitive skin. regenerative, healing, firming, improves tone & texture, anti-inflammatory, repairs broken capilaries and restores moisture. Rose is a classic, timeless scent used in many famous perfume formulations.


Magnolia Mandarin 

Sweet and fresh with notes of citrus and florals. Perfect for spring.

Magnolia calms the nerves while stimulating concentration and awareness. Mandarin is the sweetest of the citrus oils and is very calming yet uplfting and invigorating. 

Ingredients:  *Prunus amygdalus var. dulcia(sweet almond oil), *Argania Spinosa(argan oil), Essential oils of: *Citrus deliciosa Tenore var. Pongan(yellow mandarin), *Michelia x alba DC. Syn Magnolia x alba(magnolia blossom). * = clean ingredients


Jasmine Frangipani - 

Super sweet, rich and floral

Jasminum sambac has rejuvenating, boosting and energizing properties while smelling piercingly sweet and floral. Frangipani(or plumeria) has heady sweet floral notes with aspects of jasmine and fruit, tropical smelling like a "lei" garland

Ingredients:  Certified organic sweet almond oil, Certified Organic Argan Oil, Wildcrafted Jasmine Sambac Essential Oil, Wildcrafted Frangipani Absolute, non-gmo vitamin E, Organic Jasmine buds


Neroli Sweet Orange - coming soon

Neroli and sweet orange can both stress and anxiety while Neroli smells intensely floral, sweet and honeyed.... sweet orange is Citrusy, sugary sweet with a floral backnote. 

Ingredients: Certified Organic Argan Oil, Certified Organic Neroli, Certified Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil, non-gmo vitamin E, organic orange peel





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Merry Xmas to ME! :)
Written by Jeannette on Dec 24th 2016

I bought this for myself as a little reward for getting through all of my Christmas shopping for everyone else. And I'm so happy! Not only was it the perfect little treat to myself in the midst of a season that honestly stresses me out and which I do not really like, but I now smell amazing! I bought the Rose Gold, as I have been obsessed with everything rose-scented for as long as I can remember. But I love that it's natural -- once I realized how harmful perfumes and fragrances can be, I thought I might not be able to ever smell nice again. WRONG! Also, since it's so natural and made of great ingredients, I have also used this on my face when I was feeling really dry but was out of the house. I had this in my bag,and dabbed a little on my skin, and it was perfect. Plus, putting this gorgeous-smelling stuff on my face just made it easier to smell. I think once the holiday rush is over and my bank account has recovered, I'll get a few more of these to keep in my gym bag and with my travel stuff, so I can always smell good and keep my skin fresh in a pinch!