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Raspberry Seed Oil


Comedogenic Rating: 0


Organic, Cold-pressed, Virgin


Raspberry seed oil is high in vitamin E which is a potent antioxidant that reduces free radicals that cause premature aging.


It has natural sun protection comparable to titanium dioxide with a SPF value of 28-50 for UVB rays and 6-7.5 for UVA rays UVA rays cause aging and skin cancer. It's packed with vitamin A which heals UV damage and repairs the skin cells.


Raspberry seed oil is high in linoleic acid which is anti-inflammatory and helps with skin cell regeneration as well as reducing clogged pores and acne.


Ellagic acid can reduce collagen destruction and protects against UV damage and skin cancer.  The phytosterols present in this beauty oil promote new collagen production for younger skin.

Trial Size 5ml


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