Rooibos Hibiscus Toning mist with bee propolis


Rooibos Hibiscus Toner

made with certified organic argan oil


Goal: anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, anti-acne, cure-all!

Use: Day or night, as needed

Skintype: All, especially sensitive, allergic, acne-prone or mature skin

Why we love it: the divine scent of honey and flowers is intoxicating... absorbs easily and leaves skin refreshed

Benefits: This pretty baby does it all! The Rooibos Hibiscus Toner is jam packed with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial naturals, it helps prevent breakouts and skin conditions like dermatitis and eczema. Fantastically skin-loving plants like Rooibos, neroli, hibiscus flower and vitamin e oil regenerate skin cells and improve collagen production. This is a moisture balancing toner that will attract and seal in moisture but never clog pores. This is also a skin protectant, guarding skin against environmental pollutants and toxins. If you're looking for the holy grail of skin toners or something lighter than a serum or moisturizer, this is the cats meow. 

Directions for use: Cloudiness, sediment and separation of ingredients is normal, shake well before use. Sweep toner over skin with a cotton ball as needed or pat gently onto skin. Suitable for most skin types. Consult your doctor if nursing or pregnant.

Ingredients: *Neroli Hydrosol, Witch Hazel Distillate, Leucidal Liquid Complete, *Rooibos Tea,  Raw Honeybee Propolis, *Hibiscus rosa-sinensis(hibiscus flower), non-gmo vegetable glycerine, Wildcrafted Jasminum sambac(Jasmine Sambac essential absolute oil), Wildcrafted Plumeria alba(frangipani essential oil), non-gmo Vitamin E.

30ml fine mist spray bottle

Formulation changes: We have replaced geranium hydrosol with neroli hydrosol. We now use Leucidal liquid complete, a natural preservative to prolong the shelf life.

Shelf life is approximately 6 months.



Details and Benefits of each ingredient:


  • Neroli Hydrosol - Certified Organic, Great for mature and sensitive skin, tones complexion, diminishes wrinkles, scars and stretch marks. Regenerating, calming, good for circulation, good for mature skin, wrinkles, oily skin and sensitive skin.


  • Witch Hazel Distillate- Significant anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-septic qualities, witch hazel is a fantastic natural remedy for skin conditions like acne, psoriasis and eczema. Moreover, the catechol tannins in witch hazel help remove excess oil from the skin, making it effective at treating blackheads and other blemishes caused by an accumulation of dried sebum in the pores. It shrinks blood vessels and tightens skin and can eliminate puffiness around the eyes. Helps seal in moisture and refine the pores. Using witch hazel can also guard us from environmental pollutants and external toxins.


  • Rooibos Tea - Certified Organic - Rooibos tea is rich with the enzyme superoxide dismutase, which it is an excellent anti-aging substance. Rooibos is hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial, making it perfect for all skin-types, especially allergenic skin prone to dermatitis or sensitivities. No more sensitive skin with this baby. Rooibos tea also has high levels of many minerals and vitamins that promote healthy skin, especially zinc and vitamin D. 


  • Honeybee Propolis - raw propolis straight from the hive and infused into our blend! Propolis is a resin-like substance made from collected tree resins that are then processed by bees and secreted, much like nectar and honey, and is often referred to as "bee glue." For 5000 years people have used Propolis as natural medicinal and antiseptic aid for healing wounds and acne. This bee adhesive is antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, anti-acne, anti-inflammatory and has huge antioxidant properties which prevent free-radicals that cause aging. Bee propolis is used as a preservative, a deodorant and as a skin-purifying agent. Like other bee products, it encourages tissue repair and regeneration. 


  • Hibiscus rosa-sinensis(hibiscus flower)  - Hibiscus is also known as the "botox plant". One of the most powerful anti-aging plant actives; it’s no wonder Hibiscus is called the ‘Botox plant’. Hibiscus has a magical reputation for increasing skin elasticity. Hibiscus actively combats the aging process by firming and lifting your skin. It is rich in anti-oxidants, evens skin tone, purifies your complexion, excellent moisture booster.


  • Jasminum sambac(Jasmine Sambac essential absolute oil) - Wildcrafted, India, hexane free extracted. Breathing in the scent of jasmine has the power to release feel-good brain chemicals that boost energy as well as reduce anxiety. In addition to Jasmine's sweet smell, it contains potent antiseptic, antibacterial, and antiviral properties so it's fantastic at fighting pesky blemishes and aiding skins immunity. It's also high in anti-oxidants that protect skin from free-radical damage which cause premature aging and fades scars and stretch marks. Jasmine increases skin’s elasticity and help balance moisture in the skin to naturally reduce dryness without clogging pores.


  • Plumeria alba(frangipani essential oil) - Wildcrafted, France, hexane free extracted. Excellent moisturizer to and calm irritated, dry, and dull skin. Reduces acne outbreaks and redness while calming rashes and eczema. Soothes sensitive skin with it's amazing anti-inflammatory powers.


  • Non-gmo vegetable glycerine - it is an easily absorbed humectant which helps seal in moisture on the top layer of our skin while the other oils work their way deep into our cells to provide long-lasting moisture. 


  • vitamin E - this powerful anti-oxidant protects and repairs your skin against free-radicals that can cause premature aging.

 Enjoy the Rooibos Hibiscus Toner with jasmine and bee propolis

made with certified organic argan oil

Product Reviews

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Written by Angelina on Sep 11th 2016

I am someone who generally is never very impressed with a toner. I have only found one other one I would ever repeat purchase until I discovered this one. I am on my second bottle and am so pleased with this. The scent is absolutely beautiful! I smells like a beautiful bouquet of gorgeous without being overwhelming or "too much." I think this has helped to keep my skin clear and free from breakouts when used in conjunction with the divine Manuka Nectar balm. I absolutely adore blending my face oils and this toner together - it lasts quite a while too making it extra economical. I get the most beautiful emulsion that spreads so easily and smoothly on my skin. I think that is the biggest selling point for me - this is a toner that actually does something as opposed to a useless feeling step in my skincare routine. This is the kind of product that makes you believe in the efficacy and ritual of a toner for your skin. Another winner from Argan Republic!

delightful smell
Written by Brigitte on Jul 20th 2016

I have only been using this toner for a week or two now so I am not sure what the results are, however I am obsessed with the smell. Each time I put it on a feel an overwhelming sense of calm and this is worth it to me, results or no.

Skin so soft
Written by leah de souza on Jun 12th 2016

I don't use toners but tried this one. As with all AR products, a little goes a long way. I use after cleansing at night and befre serum. Skin is so soft and clean but not drying at all. The price for the size is a tad high but the product is lovely.

obessed !
Written by Antonella Rodriguez on May 27th 2016

I'm obsessed with this product! I love the packaging and I saw my face just looking more smoother and toned even brighter ! It's hydrating too. Will repurchase !

Love, Love, Love
Written by Monica on Apr 21st 2016

To start with the color! It is a soft, strawberry color, really soothing to look at and beautiful in the bottle. Next is the scent and to me it smells like a light, herbal, slightly floral tea with a nice hit of honey to sweeten it up. I apply with a cotton round and find the treatment instantly smoothing, and softening. Seriously! Totally repurchasing now even though I still have half a bottle left.