Sacred White Sage Smudge Stick

Returning January 2019

Energy Clearing Sacred White Sage Smudge Stick

From Good Living is Glam


Clear your surroundings and mind of negative energy with a purification ritual known as "smudging" or "saging". Practices for centuries in many cultures, burning sacred herbs to purify your space and spirit can be transformative when done properly.

Good Living is Glam's signature smudge stick is reiki'ed with positive words, meditation and balancing tingsha bells. GLIG cleansing energy wands are handcrafted using pure and sacred ingredients. Ceremonial bundles are made with incomparable craftsmanship. GLIG hand picks individual petals based on color, moisture and fragrance and cover 95% of the bundle in roses. So when you buy these bundles, you're burning all of the ingredients with each use. 

Finishing Touches: Your wand is made with pure and sacred ingredients

Since each piece is one of a kind, size and color may vary. High quality is the same from bundle to bundle.

Listing is for 1 Bundle

Each bundle is 4-5 inches

Ingredients: California white sage, cedar, yerba santa, lavender blossoms, lavender leaves, rose petals, hemp cord.

Colors vary and may look different from photos. Flowers may yellow or fade with time.


How to smudge:

Set your intention for your ritual.

Light your sage wand or palo santo stick. Gently blow out the flame, allowing the herb to smolder and emit a delicate smoke. If the smoke dies out, relight your bundle and continue your ritual.

Holding a heat safe bowl under the bundle, go through your home, while focusing on your intention, releasing the smoke into the air in each corner of the room. Your can also clear your energy by passing the smoke over your body.