Youth Elixir - cure-all serum

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made with certified organic argan oil


Formulation Changes - We have removed Geranium Essential oil and now use Pink Lotus Absolute

GOAL: Nature's Cure-All! Reduce the appearance of wrinkles, promotes healing, and quells inflammation

USE: Day or Night

PRIMARY NOTES: Lavender with earthy back notes of citrus, geranium and florals


WHY WE LOVE IT: Cure-All! contains benefits of 16 oils to hit a multitude of skin conditions

BENEFITS: Argan Republic's Youth Elixir cure-all serum is an amazing, concentrated serum` of 16 of the finest, most exotic and skin nourishing oils. With a 25% argan oil base, we've added organic and wild crafted oils with a 0-2 comedogenic(pore clogging) rating. We've also selected the most skin-loving, anti-aging and naturally aromatic essential oils. This elixir deeply penetrates skin, absorbing easily, leaving your skin quenched and nourished. It balances skin moisture levels, smooths lines and wrinkles, helps with skin cell regeneration, treats acne, combats free radicals, restores elasticity, reduces inflammation, repairs skin, reduces stretch-marks and skin pigmentation and helps reverse & prevent UV damage for a youthful appearance. This serum literally does it all and will target all skin problems.